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For too long Wall Street has preyed on our emotional relationship with money. If you have ever been confused about how to invest your savings, it is because you have been conditioned to feel that way for decades.”

Kyrill Asatur

CEO of Centerfin

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Part Human

Part Technology

All About You

We combine human experience and technology to provide access to a customized, high quality, fairly priced, and transparent solution.

We manage your portfolio so that you don't need to worry about it.

Investment Approach

We utilize a mix of passive, active, and alternative strategies to deliver a long term oriented institutional solution - just like endowments and family offices.

Portfolio allocations
We customize your portfolio based on your risk tolerance and time horizon.

we utilize active management where we believe managers can achieve higher quality returns than passive options


provides exposure that is less correlated to overall markets and increases the quality of the overall return of your portfolio

Centerfin Core

portfolio of passive, low cost ETFs providing our proprietary weighted exposure to stocks and bonds

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Our Company Values

Our mission is to shift the balance of power from Wall St. to Main St. We firmly believe that we succeed if we do the right thing for our clients.

Our Team

Kyrill Asatur

20 yrs in hedge fund and alternative investment industry. Golub Capital, Riva Ridge Capital Management, Goldman Sachs

Ketu Desai

15+ years in banking, hedge fund, and wealth management industry. i-Squared Wealth Management, Lighthouse Partners, Credit Suisse

Karim Rehmat

25+ yrs in hedge funds and private equity. Paragon Outcomes, HFR Asset Mgmt and Arthur Andersen

Denis Toporov

20+ yrs in software industry. Informatica, Siperian, Sun Microsystems

Jerry Efremides
Head of Strategy

15+ years debt and equity capital markets experience. Weild & Co, WFP Management, Merrill Lynch

Ross Chinni
Head of Design

12+ years in product design and startups. M78 Ventures, GoPro, Splice

Rob Moellering
Lead Frontend Developer

30+ yrs in software development. SolarCity, SendMe Mobile, Telephia

John Lianoglou
Frontend and Automation Engineer

20+ yrs in internet-based software and experiences. Viacom, ARACHNEdesign, Deepend

Nakul Jeirath
Lead Backend Developer

15+ years in web and mobile development. Enflux, Southwest Research, WellAware

Centerfin Collective

We want to help you understand our approach to investing and how we’re handling the ever-changing markets.

Our thoughts on early 2022 market volatility

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Why we founded Centerfin

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Our point of view on the active versus passive debate.

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Investing in a Low-interest-rate Environment

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